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How can Collective Score help me out?

Do you know that your social networks can affect your life – career and finances included? With Collective Score, you’ll learn how people see you online and get the tools to improve this at once.

How is my social score important?

With social media used by almost everyone nowadays, your online activity can define you as an employee, a borrower and even as an individual. Banks, your friends or your future boss may already be using social scoring to define who you are. With Collective Score, we’ll help you prepare for that moment and make sure you are highlighted in your best angle to get life’s best opportunities.

How does it work?


Register and get your FREE 7-day trial. Once you do so, link your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts on your dashboard for us to generate a detailed report on your social media activities.


Once linked, we’ll calculate your social score and break down the positive and negative factors affecting it.


We’ll give you the tools on how to improve your score. With tasks and expert advice, we’ll give you everything you’ll need to raise your score and enjoy the changes it’ll bring!

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